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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Guess who's my girl crush?!

Cara delevingne.. Unless you have been living under a rock recently, you'll know who she is. She is said to be one of the upcoming top models and sure enough she will be a huge success everywhere. She's 20, from London UK, and best friends with Rita Ora, not to mention linked up to a cutie I've met before, Harry styles. She has such a unique class about her, also she seems pretty driven and down to earth! I LOVE her! Check out some of the designs I have picked out! Who's loving Cara :D
She's better than the best

Catherine malandrino dress
£175 -

Salvatore ferragamo
£1,025 -

MICHAEL Michael Kors open toe sandals
£120 -

Suede bag
£33 -

No longer available

Meet me in the space

Printed sweater
£35 -

Motorcycle jacket
£52 -

Helmut lang
£420 -

Adidas shoes
£52 -

Zip bag
£46 -

Colorful sunglasses
£16 -

Cara Delevingne // Youthful, Inspirational, Stylish

ChloƩ wool sweater

Helmut Lang fitted leather jacket
£440 -

Hollister Co. faded jeans
£13 -

Madison Harding heeled booties
£185 -

Ted Baker genuine leather handbag
£225 -

Tasha sparkle jewelry
£25 -

Yellow gold stud earrings
£160 -

Lucky brand jewelry
£23 -

Topshop pom hat

MAC Cosmetics shimmer eyeshadow
£26 -

Balenciaga fragrance
£62 -

FASHION beverage edition!

Oh Marc Jacobs. You amaze me ALL THE time! – from Lush handbags, to pumps, and now Diet Coke cans! The “I Heart” cans pay tribute to three decades in the world of fashion—the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s. LOVE IT. So many designers have tried it, and did well I must say! Karl Lagerfeld in 2011, Jean-Paul Gaultier in 2012! Now it's Marc Jacob's turn! :D “I still think it’s hysterical people want me to take my shirt off” Marc Jacobs told WWD, “I’m going to be 50 in two months, so I guess I should be glad.” I'm thirsty! WHAT DO YOU THINK??

Monday, 18 February 2013

Quick Loreal haul! I hope youve checked out my latest blog post which I posted week ago :D - To be honest I bought this little beauty pureply for its novelty of the little cleansing pod! It's basically a small hand fit perfect rubbery pad and the bristles are IMPORTANT as it helps brush off dirt and helps exfoliate the skin. The suction pad at the back helps a lot as it sticks on walls -while you're showering you can leave it on the wall! The apricot scrub, which I must say smells GORGEOUS made my skin feel really nice afterwards and felt clean. You only need to add a small blob as it becomes very foamy and soapy straight away. ONE thing I LOVE is the fact that it removes all my makeup EASILY! I don't wear much, except a lot of mascara so it's great to have a product which is a lifesaver! The scrub didnt leave my skin feeling overly dried out. I've used products which have left my skin TIGHT.. and for all girls that is a bad thing! So I would definitely recommend to those who want a GENTLY exfoliant that doesnt dry out skin. Great for those winter months, hint why I continue to use it! Especially in England, London where we practically have FOUR seasons in one, rain, sun, breeze and even snow.. :/ Tell me what you've tried out recently? Hugs and kisses, Christine.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Hey Everyone! Looks like I haven't updated my blog in a long time. Apologies! I have been really really busy with university work, etc etc. This is my favourite website! I only discovered this a few months ago, (SLOW OR WHAT?!) anyways, doesn't matter.. I will show you some of my favorites! ;) Motel Lomas Sleeveless playsuit in Red £35. -I ADORE the colour, it's very attractive and feels so girly I love it! This is definitely on my wishlist.
Motel Holllie Sleeveless studded tee in turquoise £25 This colour got me hooked straight away. I loved how its studded too, so perfect. You can wear it for a night out or as a casual outfit. I love the bright colour and how it blends in with the darker colour and would make anyone look totally gorge! ;)
Motel Jordan PU trim shiny jean in white pinstripe. £48 Hmmm.. I used to HATE stripe jeans.. I always thought they would look ugly on me, but recently I walked into a store and tried some on and feel in love! Definitely worth the risk! They make your legs look super look too, and would look great in boots or heels!
Motel strawberry PU skirt dress in black cream skull lace £65 SUCH a shame the price is ridiculously high! :( But I have fallen in love with the skull lace design and the PU skirt looks well fitted. I think it looks really cute and edgy. :)
LASTLY. This is going to sound so silly but I got kind of excited how it's named after me.. The "Christine skirt" haha. Motel Christine mini skirt Angled front zip in sapphire £35 It has an edgy twist, which in my opinion makes it look unique and unusual. I love the colour, very me and I love how it looks like a classic. You can wear it up and down. I can't wait to start wearing cute skirts.. summer hurry up! :)
Do you guys like my pick of the day? Shall I buy any? What do you think.. Let me know! Hugs and kisses, Christine, xoxo