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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Outfits I am lovin' March 2014

Hey Dolls, GUESS WHAT?
I added some outfits together again!

I know how much you dolls love them as I always receive comments asking for more outfit posts! There are so many trends out right now which are perfect for the summer.. Ha- loved how I mentioned "summer" just because there is a bit of sun outside!  I am eager to buy so many summer outfits! The sun literally makes me happy (!)

I love heeled black boots right now and I own quite a few! They are surprisingly comfortably and go well with pretty much any outfit. They are great to elongate your legs and make you look super tall too- Bonus! This simple black top goes well with pretty much any trousers and works well alongside colours such as dark red, navy and dark green. You can buy them on at an affordable price. Printed trousers are a big trend right now, especially with crop tops and they go well with these types of heels. I adore the second outfit as I love the black high waited trousers with this shaped top. The third outfit is pretty simple, but you can accessories it up with silver jewellery or a statement necklace. The fourth outfit is definitely me as I love skinny light blue jeans, black jacket and boot heels. I love the black crop top. You can pair it up with a longer layer on top with a red statement necklace and red lips.

These trousers are incredible, I love them not only are they comfortable they are super stylish and can elongate your legs when you wear heels. Blazers have not been in for a long time, but I have seen some pretty decent ones online recently. You can wear this up or down depending on the outfit itself, but I prefer wearing it up for a night out. Add a printed clutch bag and three bangles with this outfit. The third outfit is hot, definitely reminds me of summer, but this top is beautiful especially hanged along with long necklaces as the example on top. I am in love with printed t-shirts right now. The skirt is hot and I love the skirt so much, you can wear it up and down. You can find these down the local high street stores, such as Topshop and H&M!

Simple, fashionable and classy. I love the colour. It is perfect for the summer days and I would add it with a simple silver necklace and a silver watch. The overlap cut dresses are a huge trend right now! This gorgeous pink colour is attractive, I love the wrap style on this dress and the midi style. The thrids dress is so cute and sexy at the time. Wear huge bangles and curl your hair to add a twist to it.

This dress reminds me of summer nights. I love the silver bulk belt and the navy dress is so cute. You can find them on Be sure to check out this flower satin dress from they’re pretty cute! Add it up with a cute beanie for a casual look, or a summer hat and sunglasses! This low cut top is pretty cute and even though it is a simple dress you can accessories it up with rings and bangles. I have this last dress, it is so comfortable and has pockets! This dress is adorable and the satin material is comfortable for the skin too. It is a cute dress you can wear up and down and comes in several colours which is a winner.
Which outfits do you love from this post?

Let me know!


  1. The second group is the best, even though we're not crazy about a crop top!


  2. Your blog is great I really like it! I follow you and you can follow me back if you want
    ❤ XOXO❤

  3. I love the red off the shoulder dress and also the sundress in the final collection.

  4. I am obsessing over the cropped tops, they are so cute especially the white sheer one.


  5. Feeling that crop top trend =)

  6. Loving the first one..

    Would you like to follow? Let me know!


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  8. What an amazing collection! I love the first group especially!

  9. Amazing. :)