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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Bloggers Event February 2014


I was invited along to a bloggers event in central London again but this time it was at Eclipse bar! Treated with a few cocktails and delicious chocolate cupcakes (my favourites!) The idea of the event was to “speed date” the brand reps you were interested in for maximum of 5 minutes. I was able to ask questions to the brand reps and discuss what they love about the brand and how it would benefit me. I love networking and going to these events as you make useful contacts and it is great to meet people face to face, especially if you use their brand a lot! I was lucky enough to be given some lovely gifts and products to take home with me and blog about!

I met other bloggers too and it was great to discuss our blogs as well as our interests. I prefer to meet other bloggers in person as well as you actually know who you are tweeting! Everyone was lovely and the evening went smoothly! Here are a few pictures taken! It was pretty hard to get these pictures as it was very dark! Hope you enjoy!

77 Diamonds! I wanted the 2nd to last ring! It was so perfect!
LOVED the jewellery! The rep discussed that the prices were reasonable. Look at my cheeky cocktail!

Signed up to Truly Knickers! I can't wait to receive my pair through the post!

LadyBird Likes! I really want one, they are too cute!

Can't wait to try my Murad products on Friday! I will post my review!

I adore this dress! Simple but very classy!

You can create your own animal design, just email the rep and send it in! Perfect for any occasion!
Truly Knickers, Bra Stop, Ladybird Likes, Leor 77 Diamonds, Iridescence,  Knomo Chic & See.
Check them out!

I am very interested to try the Murad products, as you all know I love taking care of my skin and very picky on the products I choose to use long term!
Have you been to an event recently? What do you love about blogger events?



Sunday, 9 February 2014

Outfits I am lovin'! February 2014

How are you all? I can't believe how fast this month is going! Trends are heating up this month, so many outfits I love. I am keeping my eye out for them as London Fashion Week is approaching and I still have not decided on any to wear to the shows yet! Eeek! Anyways, I have some outfits which I am considering to wear and hopefully I will love them in person even more! Who else is going to the London Fashion Week?

I have seen this skirt literally everywhere all over twitter! I love how you can tuck in tops and practically can wear this up or down! I love this outfit and may choose it as my first London Fashion Week outfit, with a statement necklace and nice heels! I love the skirt in the second outfit! Midi skirts are STILL in AND they now come in all prints, which I am lovin'! This outsized satin cardi is so cute! I love the white see through top, I may go back to the layer trend again as I have fallen in love with this outfit!

I love printed and satin dresses! This pink shade is my favourite! Printed outfits are so in right now! How gorgeous are the last two outfits?!

 I love this dress, but I would love it more if it was in a purple or navy. The second outfit looks so attractive and I would love to experiment with high waist jeans and this top! This will definately enhance my curves and show off my figure! This dress is so feminine and the detail is pretty! I love a simple look and this is 10/10!

 OMG. This bodycon outfit is insanely beautiful, it's from missguided and definately on my wishlist! I love the second dress purely for the bottom cut off shape. The top goes well with the hat and I love the laidback chic look! The last outfit is adorable, I love these shorts and have never seen them around before. Do you like

 I have just recently purchased this denim top as it goes well with practically anything! The skirt in the next outfit is so in right now, it's the trend I am lovin'! I think the third outfit is different, stands out and I love how it shapes your body well! The last outfit is gorgeous, add it up with a statement necklace and a clutch bag!
 This skirt is beautiful, it is on my wishlist as it reminds me of summer. I love the detail and as you are all aware I am in love with midi skirts! I have never worn sparkly shorts before and I am thinking of purchase this yellow sequin one! It looks like a gem and would stand out! I love this limited edition baby pink leather skirt from River Island, it is so me! Lastly the midi skirt again looks beautiful, I am really after prints this month as you can tell!

How gorgeous is this dress?! I have seen it everywhere and really want to try it myself. I love the skirt, it is on my wishlist as I have a white tank top to go with it. It will work well with my black statement necklace and boot heels. The midi skirt stands out a lot, so this would go well with a plain top! Lastly, this midi dress is magnificent! This will definitely show off my curves and it's enough to go well without any jewellery as the print show off a lot already.

Which should I purchase for London Fashion Week? DO you own/own a similar outfit to any of the ones above?

Love always xtine.     xoxo

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Jumpsuits and playsuits February 2014

Hi Dolls, xxx

As you are all pretty aware I have become pretty much obsessed with jumpsuits recently and fallen in love with play suits for many years! I have worn my fair share of floral, bright coloured, simple black and dress up jumpsuits. I feel comfortable wearing them as they show off my figure nicely and they elongate your legs! Depending on the style you have chosen, you can pretty much wear it up or down! They are the ongoing fashion trend around, I have seen them on many sites now which is even better as there are more styles to choose from.

Take a look at the ones I am loving right now, which do you fancy?

 1) Flower print: I am in love with this design, reminds me of summer! You can't go wrong with this type of print as it doesn't require much thinking or you don't even need to accessorize!

 2) Mix and Match: Again, this reminds me of summer and it stands out! I love the mixed colours and pretty much can wear this for most occasions. I would wear this personally during the day with some nice pumps and a jacket.

 3) Bright Green: Now, this is a statement jumpsuit! I have not yet tried on a green jumpsuit so quite excited to purchase one! I have been told, because of my tanned skin tone the colours suited to me are black, bright pink, orange and pale red.

 4) White and Black: I have this at home and have always told people this is the one to buy! It is just an effortless look and you can wear it up with gold bangles and a necklace!

 5)  Polka Dot: I would personally say this is a mature look, so might wear it for a night out or if I am attending an event as it seems quite dressy. I love the belt and would show off my curves nicely. The V-neck is perfect to show off your statement necklaces dolls!

 6)  Black: You can't go wrong with a black outfit. I would wear my boot heels/wedges with this jumpsuit and one statement accessory. I have seen girls wear this with converses and a denim jacket, so I guess you can easily pull this off as a day/night look!

1) White and Black: It is similar to the one above, except that one includes a belt and this one doesn't. I love the smart look and the black heels.

2) Green print: If you guys have been following my blog, you would remember the black jumpsuit I wore to the London Fashion Week Show, it is a the same style, but it was a plain black jumpsuit with a silver border necklace design. This detailed green print stands out from the crowd which is why I like the different look!

3) Bold Pink: This bold skin tight jumpsuit undoubtedly has enough color on it own. I love how the belt ties everything in together! You can try on silver heels and a few simple black necklaces around it.

4) Strapless black: I LOVE this jumpsuit. It is so effortless and pretty!

5) Red: Again red is so in this season. The one shoulder look gives off a mature feel to it and it will show off your curves!

6) Silver: You can wear this up or down, but personally I would make this look edgy by adding some different accessories and add the heels to go with it.

7) Dark denim: This jumpsuit just screams hot! I love the neckline and with heels you can instantly look tall and slender!

 1) Red: To me, this looks formal, so I would wear a simple silver necklace and wear my hair down. You don't need to make much of an effort as the bold red stands out alone. I have seen many celebrities wear this and know for sure it is a winner. I love the detail from the middle to the sides. It's conservative and you can wear this with tights and black heels.

 2) Top Design: Gorgeous! I love the black detail. I have not seen this design anywhere else so would love to buy it soon! My friends all love it too and because it is so girly you don't need to accessorize it as the detail is enough of a statement.

 3)  Black: This is exactly the same as the red one, you need both in you life! I can wear this to all events as it is so easy to wear.

 4)  Flower: Going out to shop? Coffee? This is perfect for a day out! I love the colours and pretty stomped on the flower print, which I don't normally go for, but this is too cute!

 1) Red print: How can anyone not love this print! Isn't it gorgeous! I love the silver details and it is enough to make a statement. I would wear this with black big wedges and a nice coat.

 2) Blue print: Again, I love prints so this certainly ticked off the list. I have seen this playsuit on many celebrities and don't normally go along with the trend but I have fallen for this.

 3) Navy: I have fallen for this elegant pretty playsuit. It is different from many I have seen and think this would be the perfect outfit for the upcoming London Fashion Week 2014!

 4) Silver: This style reminds me of partying! I absolutely love this colour and it is sexy! All girls should own one!

 1) Pink: Pink, black, flowers? All what I am looking for in one playsuit! Perfect!

 2) Black: This is so similar to the one above, but I have fallen for the top half and the neckline. You can literally wear this up or down. I would personally add a statement necklace and some pumps.

 3) Silver: My friends and I were talking about this the other day, it is very pretty. I would wear tights and chunky with this playsuit.

 4) Navy: So smart, classy and I love the bottom half! The gold lining of the zip is cute and you can pretty much get away with keeping it simple!

1) Black: This is different, which is why I love it so much. The sqaure print is designed to make a statement and keep it bold, I personally wouldn't add any accessories to it. Red heels would go well with this and a black smart blazer.

2) Black long sleeved: I love this and I have a dress in this style and colour. It is pretty and effortlessly. Many girls I have seen wearing this have told me it is perfect for most occasions, so you can wear this up and down.

3) Navy: I love long sleeved playsuits and this is definitely up my street. The pattern design is pretty and I love how it shapes the waist in together, giving off a nicely shaped figure. I will definately purchase this as it's pretty and conservative.

4) Flower: This is a statement outfit! I love the bold colours against the white! The neckline is cute and the colours make me want summer to come around quickly!

I hope you all love my outfit picks! Which do you love the most?
Do you own any jumpsuits and playsuits?

Cya soon dolls,