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How are you?

As you are all aware, I had just finished another internship –my first fashion internship with Sponsor me awards internship and mentioned I had a second one approaching! We this is it guys! Well,both are over now, time flies hey!

I was a PR intern for a London style company in central London. They work with celebrities, VIP events, well known brands and LFW (London Fashion Week) I LITERALLY 5 days off after my first internship I was on to the next one! Ridiculously crazy but amazing right? 

What kind of specific duties would this internship entail?
Well, if you are looking to go down the PR route, definitely take up a PR intern in the city! You’ll network around and it will definitely provide you more than you expected! Main duties were to organise and write up all the invitations to guests, VIP etc for the Kilian Kerner show.. We, (me and 3 other interns) had to travel all over central to drop the gold invites off personally.. It was fun visiting different publications, companies, famous names and had a visit to Models1!

 It was indeed stressful at times- for me anyways as my iphone was,  -and is- always misbehaving and died on me a couple of times. VERY convenient (!) So it was not pleasant holding dead phone while being lost in the rain! After a hectic week of organizing, checking the guest list, sending out emails and invites I was able to work in the office!

Gold invites ;)

As per usual for any intern, I was placed in the position to help out with all the admin work alone. It was hectic:  receiving emails constantly, picking up calls, sorting out all ins and outs of the stock in the company. I managed to overcome the tasks given and it went smoothly towards the end. The girls and I got along well and had our banter (as you do), discussing all the shoes, clothes, fashion and all that malarkey! Even boys and the gossip in the industry! 

Kilian Kerner  pieces above <3

I also helped out a famous presenter pick out outfits from our collection in the showroom for her upcoming events in London! It was fun! The check in and out process was long but I loved working along designers that I love! Their clothes, shoes bags, accessories  for clients was another long but fun task! I LOVE clothes, especially the labels in our showroom, so it was fun playing dress up with the girls after the tasks were completed! A lot happened at the same time but those are a few! It was a very “hands on” job, and although it was stressful as our PR Company were chosen to organise the LFW for KK. Overall, I was able to network and gain useful contacts and we managed to pull through and have a successful London Fashion Week show, so that was another huge accomplishment to be part of it!
It  was purely aimed to work at the London Fashion Week show. 


THANK YOU for the gift. 

At the Waldof Hilton.

The designer Kilan Kerner. It was a privileged to work alongside a humble, yet very talented designer: Kilian Kerner.

His website:

Created beautiful eye-catching pieces that will go down in history! I believe he will become a HUGE success in the UK and will be asked to come back for another LFW show!

I particularly love these pieces..
So classy, elegant.. just beautiful! 

The models looked beautiful in them and it just showed off that an idea can turn into an art piece -magnificent!

Well.. what an incredible end to my summer holidays! Very productive! Blessed.

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  1. Wow, grate! Love!

  2. nice post, lovely outfit, great blog!
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  3. WOW YOU LOOKED REALLY PRETTY! :p your makeup is so flawless too..keep up the good work and congrats on the internship hey.

  4. you are a real pretty!
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  5. Hi beautiful, maybe you could tell me how is the company is called you did internship for? Looks really exciting! ;)

  6. Wow looks like you had a fabulous time. Fantastic write-up!

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  8. OMG I love it! Congrats hun, keep up the great work!

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  9. loved the outfit!
    and it looks like a great experience!


  10. Sounds amazing. I am normally working at LFW and never really get to see too much behind the scenes so love this post. Love your outfit, the whole look is a real show stopper!

    Belle x
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  11. Congrats! That is so exciting! Savor every minute of it!

  12. thats a classy outfit!
    and congratulations on completing your internship. must be a great feeling!

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  15. I love the red pants with black and white stripes one of my favorite color combos. Your black dress is beautiful.