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Thursday, 15 August 2013


So.... I went out with a close friend of mine into central and this is what I wore.. I actually found this amazing dress in New look! Casually looking around, as you do.. then spotted this beauty straight away! It was the only one left in black AND in my size.. I call that fate ;)

It is actually from the make APRICOT, which is one of my favourite online sites!

 You can find the EXACT one here:

It is called sweetheart for a reason! Perfectly fitted on my body shape and showed off my curves in the right places. An amazing dress can enhance your body and literally had SO many comments that night as well as on my Facebook page when uploaded the picture! It IS a dress to love forever! For only £17 that is a bargain! I wore black heels, pink lipstick and cross earrings! Hair up in a bun and finished off with VS Victoria Secrets spray!

Also.. you can now find me on:
 Instragm:  xtinexoxo

New on both accounts!

Love always,

xtine xoxo