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Monday, 25 November 2013



So from now on, I will publish a NEW post EVERY MONDAY!

I have never bought any beauty products from the reduce section in shops, but from this day forward I will always check it out! I would definitely recommend you to search around reduce sections!  I recently came across 3 brands in the reduce section and CAN NOT believe my eyes when I saw the price it had reduced to! I saved £52.00 on 4 products considering one product alone was £26.00!

The 3 brands are: "YES to cucumber", "Cath Kitson" and "Balance me!"
I came across these beauties on my lunch break! I was over the moon at how much they were; let alone how much I saved! I have always wanted to try out some organic face products as this was the perfect opportunity for that.

SO the first item:
Natural Protection Daily Moisturiser SPF 18

This product made me especially happy! Bargain!

Normally £26.00 Bought for: £3.09!

I have always wanted to try Balance me as I have heard great reviews which seem very promising to the skin!
It says 99% Nautural ORIGIN as well as SPF 18 which were very enticing!  
After washing my face I used this product and felt very soft afterwards and did not clog my pores at all. It felt very light and you can actually see the difference on your skin from before and after applying so this definitely worked on my skin! It is un-fragranced and easily absorbed so you don't need to re apply over and over! I only used a small amount which worked wonders straight away. I LOVE the fact it contains a blend of almond oil -which was why I saw the difference immediately and organic aloe vera.
I will continue to use this everyday! Definitely recommended this guys!

NEXT item:
YES to cucumber soothing eye gel!

Normally £14.99 Bought for 1.09!

This actually worked on my skin as it felt very refreshed and woken up my tired eyes! Very hydrating and I LOVE the smell! BUT I do not recommend you to apply makeup on afterwards as your foundation will literally rub off and this was not a pleasant look or feel. So after using this for 15 minutes or so I washed it off so I could apply my foundation and makeup.. After using this for a few days I had notice a healthy glow around my eyes. I am quite obsessed using this after cleansing as I feel happy because it soothes my skin against this weather as well as hydrated skin! 

NEXT item:
YES to cucumber moisturiser! 

Normally 14.99 Down to 3.99!

Ok, I am TRULY obsessed with this item! Smells ridiculously amazing as the soothing gel and works wonders similar to Balance me! It contains all the amazing vitamins and packed with the same ingredients as the soothing gel! I have nothing bad to comment on this item, so I definitely recommend it to all skin types!

Cath Kitson 3 lip balms!

Normally £.4.50 Down to 0.69!

Wow. These balms smell ridiculously amazing that I had wish they were edible! They all hydrate your lips and stays on longer than I had expected. They come in cute smells and so compact!

ITEMS together!! 

Which products have you tried recently? Encountered amazing discount prices on beauty products too??



Monday, 18 November 2013

MOTEL ROCKS bloggers afterparty!


Enjoying your week so far?

I received my FIRST invite from MOTEL ROCKS! I was over the moon as they are my favourite site! 

Just couldn’t wait to have another excuse to glam up and meet other bloggers in London! The amazing event was held at INK, right in the middle of Leicester square formally known as “Professor Green’s club”!
Atmosphere in the club fitted well with Motel’s pieces and their dress are insanely beautiful – I wanted them all! I cannot wait to purchase some of these beauties!

Curly wirly hair! My TWO favourite rings! Skull and square based prism ring! 
INK Professor Green's club! LED Motel Rocks LED lights -so pretty!

Loved the individual graffiti on the walls and the urban attitude definitely mixed well! Music was top notch; the DJ knew how to rock out the tunes! For everyone that knows me well- Cocktails are my favourite indeed!

We all took a motel rocks glow stick home! Goodie bag and motel treated our sweet tooth!

Met Henrietta again! I also met some new bloggers, we had so much fun! LOVE the graffiti artist! Talent right there!

Woop woop!

ONE of my favourite pieces that I will purchase. Their glittered jacket! What a statement!

Behind me were the printed, glitter, fitted dresses! Printed jackets are the new thing as well the glitter pieces for for the Christmas festive feel!

In addition, you all know I LOVE to get my nails done and Illustrated Nails made mine look beautiful! -So thank you!

This was my outfit! I love my statement shoes!!
Complimentary food and drinks were cheeky and we all had a blast! Met some new bloggers and found myself dancing away with other bloggers! Motel Rocks, THANK YOU for a fab night and most of my Christmas money will be spent on your new upcoming collection! Hehe

Take care all,What’s your favourite piece?!


Monday, 11 November 2013



I attended my first press release event! It was at Superdry which is on Regent Street on the 6th November to preview their upcoming SS14 collection – One of the huge names in fashion press!

I'm on their website. Check it out! 

My two favourite outdoor jackets!

MY FAVOURITE JACKETS! What do you think? :)

PERFECT pastel coloured jumpers! I love the autumn looks! :)
I am a HUGE fan of the tie dye tops! This beauty caught my eye! I love the contrast!

Sunglasses are hot! These jackets are gorgeous right?

I had no idea Superdry had their own makeup section! I am in love with the compact bag!

The nail artist was so sweet, she did the tie dye nail design which looks so cute! 

I had met the lovely Henrietta at the Yoga event and glad we met again as we had so much fun!

Many well known journalists, writers, press and bloggers in the UK came along to the event to check out 
their showroom. Super dry’s SS14 collection was HUGE! I enjoyed trying on their new season pieces.
Womenswear section involved a lot of classic looks, refreshed their look with neon creative pieces. It was the ultimate wardrobe for city chic as their jacket/coat selection was my favourite! 

The menswear gets a refresh for SS14 emphasizing tailoring, premium materials and the whole “statement” London look! They’ve included the  rucksacks and the  new season classic flip-flops.
The hospitality was amazing as we were treated to Superdry cupcakes, tea and canape food! The best treat was the complimentary manicures featuring the Superdry new nail collection. The interactive social media mirror was a huge attraction as you were able to take photos in real-time! Company magazine, Fashion Beans, Teen Now and Go City girl were there too taking pictures! Few bloggers and I enjoyed taking a few snaps to show off our Superdry blogger outfits! 

What do YOU think?
Leave your comments down below, I love hearing from you all! :)

Take care,  XTINE x

Thursday, 7 November 2013


Simply health invited me to the yoga workshop at the Dance works in central London and I took the opportunity straight away!
WHO are they?
I've always been interested in yoga from a very young age as it helps you relax and pretty simple- even for a beginner!
YouTube and Google were the main sources to help me start my own yoga session in my bedroom! NOTHING beats an invitation from Simply health to a yoga workshop with other bloggers!

Yoga is great for reliving pain especially back pain, which was the main reason for conducting this yoga session. As I'm always on shoots, on late promo shifts including uni on top of blogging my back hurts a lot and it is imperative to have a  good posture. I was happy to hear that simply healthy recently launched their new app to raise awareness of back pain! It's dead SIMPLE TO USE. 

Also what is truly great is the fact it is very specific to your needs, includes exercise plans which is useful and  informative. 

“Our free back care app has over 20 exercises to help people to cope with their back pain. There’s also much more information about how to prevent back pain, at home, work or when out and about. 
“Users will also be able to use the app to keep a diary of their back pain, watch videos, form an exercise plan which they can follow and find qualified practitioners in their area.”
84 % of 18-24 year old have admitted to suffering some degree of back pain in the last year according to the latest research."

From the Survey of 3,000 adults from Simply health shows a nation on the point of potential back pain. Experts have continued to discuss the "iPosture generation"; which basically means developing all the bad habits that could lead to back pain. Majority of age groups spend a lot of the time in front of their laptops, PC or tablets. A shocking combination of work and home screen time (excluding traditional TV) means that over 55s spent an average of 6.64 hours a day (the least) versus a massive 8.83 hours a day in front of screen time for a typical 18-24 year old. 

To support individuals with back pain and those wanting to prevent it Simply Health and BackCare have developed an App which is FREE. The app basically allows users to input data on the type and location of their back pain. This is then tailored advice as well as specialty advice and support available on the app!  You can also check out all their exercises. Plenty of information available for you to do wherever you are, whether you are at home or in the workplace to look after your back.

Goodies and me in my yoga outfit!
Another cheeky pic!
The app is amazing!
Leave your comments. Tried yoga before? What type of fitness are you into?
Talk later DOLLS