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Sunday, 22 December 2013



HI DOLLSHope you are all enjoying your Christmas holidays! Check out my wishlist outfits!

I love the V-neck style on the first dress, it's classsy girly and has great detail. I love the colour and since I don't have many navy dresses I decided to buy a midi dress similar to this colour. The glitter dress is to die for and I really feel like buying one for new years party! The next dress looks amazing, I love the pattern design and the cut off shoulders, it is very different and something that I want to try! The next two outfits are fitted and I would love to try them too! I've seen them displayed in almost all shops so I need to buy them!

I NEED the first pair of jeans. This is the colour I normally opt for and the zip detail is pretty cute! The next pair is edgy and I do not own a grey pair so these looks comfortable! I love shorts and especially for the summer I need some new pairs. The glitter one is such a babe and the flower print is so me, very girly and high waisted!


I ADORE jumpsuits as I own a few myself and find them to be very flattering for my body shape. I have yet to buy a printed one, so I found this! I love the print design and this will definately elongate my legs! I really want this next jumpsuit as I love the back design. It is a classic black statement outfit and definite must have for 2014! The next outfit is causal and I love the light pink blazer. I only own black blazers so I need this colour! I have seen a lot of girls wear this tank top and I really want to purchase one especially in a grey tone colour, this one is perfect for me!

SHOES. I LOVE shoes. The first pair caught my eye as I love this colour so much! I love chunky heels! Ballet shoes are cute, comfortable and pretty! The two straps and the shiny gold colour are what attracted me to it! Chunky heeled again, I love it! I want one in black! I can see myself wearing this up and down so definitely worth it!


I need new pairs of jeans and have hear oasis jeans are comfortable and lasts long! I am going to invest in this pair! Next, print tank tops are a must have and I adore the butterfly print - so me! Next jumpers are in season and I love the glitter shoulder tops on this and the stripes. I have quite a few stripe tops but not the jumper so I want one! I just love the detailed print on this grey jumper and thought it would go well with a few of my trouser and heeled boots!

Jumpsuits again are my must haves! I know I will love them forever! These are both a classic statement! I have yet to buy a pair of trousers and these pair of heels. I really feel this look would go well with my style right now and Missguided know how to attract my love for this! Lastly, the top is a statement top. I love the black and red combo! 


These tops are cute, you can wear them up for a night out or down as a causal day look its very versitile which I love. Again, jumpsuits are my thing and this green flower printed beauty caught my eye straight away! I love it! Next this is a two in one body suit. It's body fitted and I am intrigued to try it on! I love the blazer in the last pic, I need this for work!


Lastly, this is such a statement top. I wouldn't normally go for it but something about it makes me want it! It's edgy! I love the dresses the design is different and I will always have my love for black and white prints! The yellow tank top is something I have always told myself to buy but cant find a decent one so thanks to RI I can now purchase one! I love the tartan skirt. I need more skirts in my life so this will be on the top of my list! How cute you can wear it up and down!

Let me know what you think of my must haves!
What is YOUR must have?

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Have a lovely XMAS ;)

Tuesday, 17 December 2013



I hope you are all having the time of your life since Christmas holidays have officially started!
I have already started Christmas shopping -my mothers gifts first! Will continue to shop for my brother, family and friends this week!

Upon my Christmas shopping, I came across a few products which I have fallen in love with and could not believe the prices they went down to! You all know I love to save money (not just because I am a Uni student) and yet again found some bargains which I just had to share with you!

I LOVE love love love love love love love love  (oops for the love overload) fruity sweet smelling perfumes, lotions, face masks, lip balms.. the whole lot! I have such a sweet tooth at times so anything which smells like candy I need in my life!

I came across these three beauties which I LOVE:

Firstly, I have always wanted the RED DNKY delicious perfume, as a few of my friends own one and have always loved it whenever I am in the perfume shop! IT IS A CLASSIC! I had the green and pink one so am I a huge fan of DNKY delicious perfumes! I finally decide to buy it and it was on sale -bonus! It was 21.00 as I remember -pretty cheap! I can't wait to wear it all December! People compliment me all the time. One guy couldn't stop sniffing me, slightly weird but I guess I was flattered at the time!

Next, Honey and Nectar BODY LOTION Crisp apple, peach blossom apricot and jasmine petal. Omg this lotion is insane! It literally left my skin feeling so soft and even though it doesn't have a distinctive smell to it, the lotion left it feeling hydrated- which is a MUST. It is formualted to absorb quickly as the dryness instantly disappears and this was proven to me straight away! It includes elements such as antioxdants, Japanese Green Tea to protect cells from the future damage. Pretty much use it after I shower!

WOW £12.99 down to £3.99. SAVED ME: £9.00
"Made from goog stuff" "Moisture rich bliss".

Lastly, I own a few Escada perfumes.. so I decided to buy the Escada lotion for the first time! I don't know why I had not purchased this before! BEST smelling lotion ever! Literally obsessed with it! My friends at uni were like "Xtine, what perfume are you wearing, smells so gorgeous could literally eat you (lol)" I just replied its a lotion and showed it to them.. pretty impressed! I get compliments since wearing it for 3 days now! It is SO easy to wear, whether it be night or day it's perfect for every occasion! Fresh sweet smelling fruits!

£16.00 down to £4.00. SAVED £12.00 WOW!

What have you purchased recently? Any luck finding discounted items?



Tuesday, 10 December 2013


There’s something in the world of unique pretty jewellery that attracts me! I LOVE earrings and especially as I had my tragus pierced over a week ago I've been wearing them everyday! I'm so happy I got it done, it did hurt a lot for a few seconds but after it was a dream! I decided to buy this rack to hold up my earrings as I am always loosing one or a pair and that's not good at all! This was a dream as I can see which ones I want to wear for the day! I have picked out my December favourites! CHECK THEM OUT!

Earring holder from Claire's accessories! 


Wearing my earrings and this gorgeous gilet from Traffic people which I won on twitter!  
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Tragus piercing!

So there you go dolls, my December earring collection favourites!
What's your favourite?



Monday, 2 December 2013



FINALLY! We are now in the last month of 2013, I swear this year literally flew by! I can not wait to Christmas shop as there are so many cute outfits in stores!

My best friend Katerina and I went out partying in a bar in Bank, London. I LOVE midi dresses and skirts so I am happy I found this beaut in Select! I love the floral print and the colour was very festive! The gold buckles on my new favourite heels matched my gold heart and peace sign necklace!

I can not wait to purchase more midi skirts! Totally in LOVE with the!

Love you Dolls,


Monday, 25 November 2013



So from now on, I will publish a NEW post EVERY MONDAY!

I have never bought any beauty products from the reduce section in shops, but from this day forward I will always check it out! I would definitely recommend you to search around reduce sections!  I recently came across 3 brands in the reduce section and CAN NOT believe my eyes when I saw the price it had reduced to! I saved £52.00 on 4 products considering one product alone was £26.00!

The 3 brands are: "YES to cucumber", "Cath Kitson" and "Balance me!"
I came across these beauties on my lunch break! I was over the moon at how much they were; let alone how much I saved! I have always wanted to try out some organic face products as this was the perfect opportunity for that.

SO the first item:
Natural Protection Daily Moisturiser SPF 18

This product made me especially happy! Bargain!

Normally £26.00 Bought for: £3.09!

I have always wanted to try Balance me as I have heard great reviews which seem very promising to the skin!
It says 99% Nautural ORIGIN as well as SPF 18 which were very enticing!  
After washing my face I used this product and felt very soft afterwards and did not clog my pores at all. It felt very light and you can actually see the difference on your skin from before and after applying so this definitely worked on my skin! It is un-fragranced and easily absorbed so you don't need to re apply over and over! I only used a small amount which worked wonders straight away. I LOVE the fact it contains a blend of almond oil -which was why I saw the difference immediately and organic aloe vera.
I will continue to use this everyday! Definitely recommended this guys!

NEXT item:
YES to cucumber soothing eye gel!

Normally £14.99 Bought for 1.09!

This actually worked on my skin as it felt very refreshed and woken up my tired eyes! Very hydrating and I LOVE the smell! BUT I do not recommend you to apply makeup on afterwards as your foundation will literally rub off and this was not a pleasant look or feel. So after using this for 15 minutes or so I washed it off so I could apply my foundation and makeup.. After using this for a few days I had notice a healthy glow around my eyes. I am quite obsessed using this after cleansing as I feel happy because it soothes my skin against this weather as well as hydrated skin! 

NEXT item:
YES to cucumber moisturiser! 

Normally 14.99 Down to 3.99!

Ok, I am TRULY obsessed with this item! Smells ridiculously amazing as the soothing gel and works wonders similar to Balance me! It contains all the amazing vitamins and packed with the same ingredients as the soothing gel! I have nothing bad to comment on this item, so I definitely recommend it to all skin types!

Cath Kitson 3 lip balms!

Normally £.4.50 Down to 0.69!

Wow. These balms smell ridiculously amazing that I had wish they were edible! They all hydrate your lips and stays on longer than I had expected. They come in cute smells and so compact!

ITEMS together!! 

Which products have you tried recently? Encountered amazing discount prices on beauty products too??