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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Debenhams Beauty Press Show!

                                                                      Hi Dolls!

Easter break is here! I have had an extremely busy week! Catching up with friends and family, a lot of uni work and working! I managed to squeeze in time for some press events and afterparties! Fun week! So, I was invited by Debenhams to their press beauty event and was more than excited to attend the event for the simple fact all my top favourite brands were showcased! I was also very spoilt by Debenhams as they sent so many products to review, full makeup done by Benefit and Calvin Klein, my skin screening consultation, spoiled by many tasty treats and had my first ever spray tan done  by Vita Liberata! Later that day popped along to the Boxpark to check out Hype store and went along to their afterparty -(blog about the rest soon)  Phew what a long but fun day!
Firstly I was able to check out all the products from Calvin klein's  makeup collection and the energetic makeup artist made my lips look effortlessly amazing! I love the colour!  Bright pinks are definitely in season! Thanks to the amazing Benefit makeup team;  glam  flawless  look was a bonus! They also gave me useful tips on how to contour my face! Insightful!

#selfie ;)

LOVE the pink/red shades! I am obsessed with lipsticks/glosses right now so this was a perfect opportunity to snap up some more! (Oops)

Next I was able to test out all the perfumes. I have fallen in love with  Just Cavalli by Roberto Cavalli. It is such an amazing smell, young and fun! Definitely a summer must have!
I am a HUGE skincare product lover and loved the fact I was able to check out all the new skincare products. A representative from Debenhams showed me all of the products and I can not wait to purchase this exfoliating wash by Philosophy. I have always had my eye on their products, so after the talk by the representative I will invest in this in the near future as I love skin products!

My friend Monica (another blogger) convinced me to get a spray tan too at the press day and the result was fantastic! I have natural tanned skin already but it was nice to try something new for once and finally lost my spray tan virginity! I am only a few shades darker. It did not make a huge difference as once it had settled I went out (during the evening) so you couldn’t tell until I pointed out to my friends later that day the tan lines (oh yes) It was a pleasant experience and this present day I really wish it was the summer holidays so I can have a real dark tan! The lady said it will last approximately 7 days as it will obviously wash off in the shower (unless you don’t wash). I would definitely recommend Vita Liberata to anyone out there looking for a natural glow! As it was a complimentary gift, I would definitely part my money in the future make an appointment! I was given a few of their products so I can try them out at home! 

Fun experience!

                                                              OLE HENRIKSEN

Why have I not come across this product before!? It is amazing as it works perfectly on my skin leaving it soft and smooth. It does not leave your skin feeling tight at all -which I have experienced before (it sure is a sign you should bin it if it does). It won the natural health beauty awards in 2010 and continues to hold the sign of a miracle worker! I am obsessed with the smell of the orange extracts and the fact it has improved my tired skin and keeps it hydrated! 

                                                                STEAM CREAM 

I love the steam cream as it is suitable for all skin types and the texture is thick enough to leave your skin feeling hydrated and soft. The fresh smell is amazing and as I am a HUGE lotion fan (I could practically set up a shop) so it was bonus to receive this as a gift from Debenhams team. It comes in a compact size so if you ever need to moisture your face, hands, and body this is perfect! All in one and lasts for a good 6 months!

Keeps your skin hydrated!


This sheer medium colour is quite thick and non sticky. I am particular fussy with lipgloss colours but this actually stays on which won me over! It helps you lips stay moisturized and I would definitely recommend it to all makeup guru girls out there! 

If you have not heard of Essie nail polishes you must be living under a rock! This was also gifted and was so happy to receive it as I have different shades of blue, purple and red but not pink until now! It is such a summer girly colour and the hot pink is vibrant! Great add to the collection! Grab yours now!

 Those are a few of the products I have chosen to review for now! Let me know your thoughts! 


Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Celeb boutique April 2014

Hi Dolls!

Celeb boutique dresses... SEXY. FLATTERING. GORGEOUS. Few words which come to mind whenever my guy mates see wearing them. Whenever I wear a bodycon dress I do feel feel sexy and confident! I normally wear these dresses to big events. I wore a bodycon pink dress for my 21st  in December last year! It was a present from my beautiful friend Katerina -Smart move doll!

I am a HUGE believer that all women should embrace their curves. Whatever size you are, you are beautiful. I believe all women out there should feel confident in what you wear and feel good too! I know it can be daunting wearing something quite figure hugging but you’ve all got it, so flaunt it (while we’re still young). I was the smallest and the thinnest majority of my life and although I was happy within myself I hated the fact I was (in my eyes) the last one in my group to hit puberty! I hit puberty which was very late (around 16/17) compared to all my friendss. I wanted curves; I wanted to feel like a woman! Now I am a healthy size 10 and have curves I wouldn’t change it for the world.. I love my cup size D and having an ass! I guess this is one reason why I love figure flattering dresses –it shows off my curves.

Check out the dresses!
I have a few events coming up and asked a lot of my friends what they think I should wear.. A lot of them suggested a bodycon/bandage dress as it accentuates my curves. I love a dress which can enhance your figure and because I am confident in my body I am not afraid to show it in a bodycon dress. I have tried a couple in store before and definitely had turned heads with the “wow” factor.
My friend Katerina loves celeb boutique too! 

She has an amazing figure, (for someone who eats as much as myself) and always look great in a celeb boutique outfit!                           

                                                    I love Katerina's skirt, it’s to die for!

        What we wore to my 21st! Below these two are some dress options.. still need to make a decision



I love this pencil dress!                                                            In love with the combination of colours!



  I have shown this on my twitter!                                                    In love with the one piece!


This is beautiful! So perfect for the summer parties!                         This is perfect for an evening dinner out!


This is perfect for a girls night out!                                                       ..and again!

                                               Saved the best:  I want this dress in ALL colours!


                                                                     Love always