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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Celeb boutique April 2014

Hi Dolls!

Celeb boutique dresses... SEXY. FLATTERING. GORGEOUS. Few words which come to mind whenever my guy mates see wearing them. Whenever I wear a bodycon dress I do feel feel sexy and confident! I normally wear these dresses to big events. I wore a bodycon pink dress for my 21st  in December last year! It was a present from my beautiful friend Katerina -Smart move doll!

I am a HUGE believer that all women should embrace their curves. Whatever size you are, you are beautiful. I believe all women out there should feel confident in what you wear and feel good too! I know it can be daunting wearing something quite figure hugging but you’ve all got it, so flaunt it (while we’re still young). I was the smallest and the thinnest majority of my life and although I was happy within myself I hated the fact I was (in my eyes) the last one in my group to hit puberty! I hit puberty which was very late (around 16/17) compared to all my friendss. I wanted curves; I wanted to feel like a woman! Now I am a healthy size 10 and have curves I wouldn’t change it for the world.. I love my cup size D and having an ass! I guess this is one reason why I love figure flattering dresses –it shows off my curves.

Check out the dresses!
I have a few events coming up and asked a lot of my friends what they think I should wear.. A lot of them suggested a bodycon/bandage dress as it accentuates my curves. I love a dress which can enhance your figure and because I am confident in my body I am not afraid to show it in a bodycon dress. I have tried a couple in store before and definitely had turned heads with the “wow” factor.
My friend Katerina loves celeb boutique too! 

She has an amazing figure, (for someone who eats as much as myself) and always look great in a celeb boutique outfit!                           

                                                    I love Katerina's skirt, it’s to die for!

        What we wore to my 21st! Below these two are some dress options.. still need to make a decision



I love this pencil dress!                                                            In love with the combination of colours!



  I have shown this on my twitter!                                                    In love with the one piece!


This is beautiful! So perfect for the summer parties!                         This is perfect for an evening dinner out!


This is perfect for a girls night out!                                                       ..and again!

                                               Saved the best:  I want this dress in ALL colours!


                                                                     Love always



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  2. Great review!
    Do you want to follow eachother with?))

  3. Love all of these dresses, they're my style. Will definitely check out this story. I love a good curve hugging dress!

  4. Woah! That Aimee dress is amazing! Where can I buy one like that?
    xx, Malena

  5. That Amara blue drape dress is so pretty!! It's not something I would usually go for but I've been wanting to mix up my style a bit recently and that dress would be a perfect start!

    P.S. I completely agree with you, women should love their bodies whatever size, height, or shape, always best to be proud of the skin you are in...and if you've got it...well you know the rest :-)