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Saturday, 5 April 2014

CROP TOP TREND Outfits I am lovin' April 2014

  Hi Dolls! 

THE latest spring trend is.. CROP TOPS! Yes.. it's quite chilly out there and we have the odd occasion of sun, but the shops are literally throwing out the stocks here with amazing crop tops! Can summer hurry up?! Unless you have been living a rock for a while (ha!) you would know crop tops are everywhere in stores! From high end stores to high street stores, everyone is in on the crop top action! 
You do not need abs to pull this off; you can still pull off a classy look without showing a lot of skin! You can cover up still but adding another layer to the crop top!  If you feel self-conscious you can still wear a high-waisted midi skirt or high-waisted jeans! ONE reason why I love the look so much is because it compliments my figure as I have curves and of course love wearing midi skirts, so it shows off the hourglass figure and I feel comfortable. 
Personally I LOVE this trend. Big smile! Now..look online: You have probably stumbled across many designs from print (as stated in my last post), exotic summery patterns, floral pretty designs, animal and artistic prints and of course the all block print crop tops. You have a lot of choices! It is a fun way to jazz up your wardrobe and try something new.

                                                         MY FAVOURITES

                                        I absolutely love the shape of this crop top. It's different.
                                            My personal preferences: WHAT I AM LOVIN'

                                                    These three are on my crop-top top wishlist!
                                                                These below are some of my favourites! 


                                                        How I decided to wear mine..

                                                                    Crop top opinions?!

                                                                      Take care dolls



  1. If you got the belly for it, show it off! I'm a fan as long as it is not too lingerie-looking with the risk of looking like you forgot to put a t-shirt on... :)
    Kristina xx

  2. personally i love the cropped tops ! love the ones you chose!!


  3. Very nice post and I like yours outfit.I love your Blog!
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  4. Love the outfits!