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Saturday, 28 September 2013

AFTER LFW- VIP Blogger event!

After the amaze balls of a time at the LFW (London Fashion Week) Kilian Kerner show, I was invited along to the #NLFASHWEEK blogger event! -which was right next door to the KK show! (Convenient)

After the KK show as part of my internship, I was lucky enough to be treated to this treatment after a hectic day! The pamper session at the Waldorf Hotel - Hanging out with other bloggers, getting a cute manicure, hand massage, makeup done and drinking endless amounts of smoothies! OH and totally had a laugh in the PHOTOBOOTH! The whole event was very exciting! Endless amounts of complimentary food and drink, alongside the new look fashion range to admire (wish I could take them all home) and enjoyed the whole evening with other fashion and beauty bloggers! Left here feeling beautified and with a smile on my face!

I wish I had their makeup sets!


Self proclaimed selfie.. couldn't resist this photobooth! 1,2,3 secs only to pose! Haha and guy outside made us laugh through out!

This beautiful lady did my eyelashes for me and can I say the results were amazing!

As you can see for yourself, I have practically NO eyelashes.. My brother on the other hand has the longest and prettiest eyelashes ever- SO JEL.. But not to despair IBrows are defiantly in my life now! 

What do YOU think? Ever had yours done before..? IF NOT, I would strongly advise you to pop into Ibrows and get them done! I had mine done at this event and will certainly pencil a date to come into the store to re do them! They lasted me 2 weeks.. and I still have a few eyelashes on the ends left!  

Add caption
Makeup tutorials.. makeup done by this amazing makeup artist! PINK LIPS! Head over heels with this lipstick!

Elemis products! I will definitely pencil a day to grab some products from my local store.. They now have a skin range purely aimed for the young ones such as myself! 

Oh so.. yummy! Oh so healthy! Oh so good.. 

 CRUSSH smoothies were refreshing and LUSH.. (lush crush) (!) The cactus is also used in the smoothies as well as aloe vera meaning endless supplies of goodness- healthy option! Natasha and I also tried all the other flavours, the manager topped us up throughout!

Chillin' as you do.. Low down on the LFW shows.. and oh and bit of gossip with the girls! :P

So yeah.. basically "sometimes your dress starts the party"... ( I honestly wanted to take this home, purely because of the slogan across the cushion, aha)

STATEMENT jewellery.. don't you just LOVE them?!
New Look Fashion.. In love.. with everything.. OH lalaaa The outfit I wore this day was from New Look..what a coincidence.. ;)

Bye bye LFW.. I truly had a blast! 

Wednesday, 25 September 2013



How are you?

As you are all aware, I had just finished another internship –my first fashion internship with Sponsor me awards internship and mentioned I had a second one approaching! We this is it guys! Well,both are over now, time flies hey!

I was a PR intern for a London style company in central London. They work with celebrities, VIP events, well known brands and LFW (London Fashion Week) I LITERALLY 5 days off after my first internship I was on to the next one! Ridiculously crazy but amazing right? 

What kind of specific duties would this internship entail?
Well, if you are looking to go down the PR route, definitely take up a PR intern in the city! You’ll network around and it will definitely provide you more than you expected! Main duties were to organise and write up all the invitations to guests, VIP etc for the Kilian Kerner show.. We, (me and 3 other interns) had to travel all over central to drop the gold invites off personally.. It was fun visiting different publications, companies, famous names and had a visit to Models1!

 It was indeed stressful at times- for me anyways as my iphone was,  -and is- always misbehaving and died on me a couple of times. VERY convenient (!) So it was not pleasant holding dead phone while being lost in the rain! After a hectic week of organizing, checking the guest list, sending out emails and invites I was able to work in the office!

Gold invites ;)

As per usual for any intern, I was placed in the position to help out with all the admin work alone. It was hectic:  receiving emails constantly, picking up calls, sorting out all ins and outs of the stock in the company. I managed to overcome the tasks given and it went smoothly towards the end. The girls and I got along well and had our banter (as you do), discussing all the shoes, clothes, fashion and all that malarkey! Even boys and the gossip in the industry! 

Kilian Kerner  pieces above <3

I also helped out a famous presenter pick out outfits from our collection in the showroom for her upcoming events in London! It was fun! The check in and out process was long but I loved working along designers that I love! Their clothes, shoes bags, accessories  for clients was another long but fun task! I LOVE clothes, especially the labels in our showroom, so it was fun playing dress up with the girls after the tasks were completed! A lot happened at the same time but those are a few! It was a very “hands on” job, and although it was stressful as our PR Company were chosen to organise the LFW for KK. Overall, I was able to network and gain useful contacts and we managed to pull through and have a successful London Fashion Week show, so that was another huge accomplishment to be part of it!
It  was purely aimed to work at the London Fashion Week show. 


THANK YOU for the gift. 

At the Waldof Hilton.

The designer Kilan Kerner. It was a privileged to work alongside a humble, yet very talented designer: Kilian Kerner.

His website:

Created beautiful eye-catching pieces that will go down in history! I believe he will become a HUGE success in the UK and will be asked to come back for another LFW show!

I particularly love these pieces..
So classy, elegant.. just beautiful! 

The models looked beautiful in them and it just showed off that an idea can turn into an art piece -magnificent!

Well.. what an incredible end to my summer holidays! Very productive! Blessed.

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Tuesday, 3 September 2013


For the last few months I was given an opportunity to work with Sponsor Me Awards as an intern/admin co managing for their upcoming Eco London Fashion Show.It was cleverly crafted to act as a progressive funding platform to emerging young Eco fashion designers. Sponsor me was born to create diversity with many talents, for the talented designers to showcase their outfits on the catwalk in front of many people. 

Firstly, many eco designers had to use social networking sites to gain votes via Facebook, twitter etc for the ultimate top 9 spaces. Further on to gain as many votes as possible it was very competitive; it was a tough call! Incredibly hard to let go of the other talented contestants. Soon the deadline approached and the last 9 were chosen to showcase on the London fashion show. 

This was exciting to reveal the top 9!I managed their social network sites. I was so amazed at the sweet messages and feedback from so many people, even fans from across the world who love Eco fashion!In addition, the company was a platform to present Eco designers and help raise awareness about the industry. Provided a prestigious event in London with press and buyers from London and to the General public. Our preferred charity was Centre Point - give homeless young people a future. Proud to participate and engaged with incredible like minded people.The day was SPECTACULAR. Interviewed by Sky, press, journalists and other designers. Helped out backstage and managed the ticket section as well as watching the show -front row! A close friends was one of the models and felt good knowing I calmed her nerves and we enjoyed the day together. Whole process and preparation was stressful but when it finally came together it was beyond perfect. Food and beverages available as well as photos taken by the photographer and goody bags! Networked with many people and learnt a lot in a day! Felt good to be part of a well established team! 

Overall, I experienced so much throughout this internship and have been blessed to be given the responsibilities from a young age with no previous related experienced. I was close to giving up on this purely because of an incredibly hard time I went through, which made me quite depressed for a while and could barely concentrate on important aspects in life.. BUT couldn't let this go because of personal issues and did not let it effect my journey and let my strength from within take over. Don't forget to get yourself out there, BE KIND, offer to help out - you never know how you'll meet! ALWAYS be professional and send over your CV!NEVER GIVE UP. 

Seriously, life can be hard and there will ALWAYS be obstacles but you have to stand up and give it 100% There's always light at the end of the tunnel and life's too short to be anything but happy. Recently was given ANOTHER internship placement less than a week later.. A dream opportunity and couldn't have come at a better time in my life.. I will discuss this further down the road, as for now. I hope you enjoyed this post!   I start my new dream internship tomorrow! Wish me luck :D

    What I wore.. Obviously going for the Eco Friendly Colour.. Green! Heels.. River Island  Last year on sale from £50 Dress.. Republic Around £20Necklace Topshop! Watch Birthday present. 

What do you think?

Enjoy your day dolls,Leave a comment and don't forget