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Saturday, 28 September 2013

AFTER LFW- VIP Blogger event!

After the amaze balls of a time at the LFW (London Fashion Week) Kilian Kerner show, I was invited along to the #NLFASHWEEK blogger event! -which was right next door to the KK show! (Convenient)

After the KK show as part of my internship, I was lucky enough to be treated to this treatment after a hectic day! The pamper session at the Waldorf Hotel - Hanging out with other bloggers, getting a cute manicure, hand massage, makeup done and drinking endless amounts of smoothies! OH and totally had a laugh in the PHOTOBOOTH! The whole event was very exciting! Endless amounts of complimentary food and drink, alongside the new look fashion range to admire (wish I could take them all home) and enjoyed the whole evening with other fashion and beauty bloggers! Left here feeling beautified and with a smile on my face!

I wish I had their makeup sets!


Self proclaimed selfie.. couldn't resist this photobooth! 1,2,3 secs only to pose! Haha and guy outside made us laugh through out!

This beautiful lady did my eyelashes for me and can I say the results were amazing!

As you can see for yourself, I have practically NO eyelashes.. My brother on the other hand has the longest and prettiest eyelashes ever- SO JEL.. But not to despair IBrows are defiantly in my life now! 

What do YOU think? Ever had yours done before..? IF NOT, I would strongly advise you to pop into Ibrows and get them done! I had mine done at this event and will certainly pencil a date to come into the store to re do them! They lasted me 2 weeks.. and I still have a few eyelashes on the ends left!  

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Makeup tutorials.. makeup done by this amazing makeup artist! PINK LIPS! Head over heels with this lipstick!

Elemis products! I will definitely pencil a day to grab some products from my local store.. They now have a skin range purely aimed for the young ones such as myself! 

Oh so.. yummy! Oh so healthy! Oh so good.. 

 CRUSSH smoothies were refreshing and LUSH.. (lush crush) (!) The cactus is also used in the smoothies as well as aloe vera meaning endless supplies of goodness- healthy option! Natasha and I also tried all the other flavours, the manager topped us up throughout!

Chillin' as you do.. Low down on the LFW shows.. and oh and bit of gossip with the girls! :P

So yeah.. basically "sometimes your dress starts the party"... ( I honestly wanted to take this home, purely because of the slogan across the cushion, aha)

STATEMENT jewellery.. don't you just LOVE them?!
New Look Fashion.. In love.. with everything.. OH lalaaa The outfit I wore this day was from New Look..what a coincidence.. ;)

Bye bye LFW.. I truly had a blast! 


  1. How amazing is this? The pictures are fab, and I love your eyelashes! So vamp!
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    Love it!
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  3. love what you are wearing! sounds like you had a blast

  4. aw i love your dress!
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    Kisses from Hong Kong :*

  5. Wow, LFW looks AMAZING! It'd be my dream to attend someday!


  6. It looks like you have a lot of fun!! Amazing!! (: Love your dress!!

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  8. Wow, those jewelleries are just beautiful!


  9. looks amazing!! how cute is that cushion!!


  10. Oh wow. This is so cool. I didn't even know this was going on. Looks like you had a ton of fun and enjoyed yourself!


  11. oh wow the effects on your lashes are absolutely stunning!

    Check out my new post featuring my New Home in London! :)

  12. Looks amazing!
    x Hannah

  13. Great experience! I'm hoping to get to London next year for fashion week! Btw, those lashes are amazing!!! They look so real!!

  14. Looks like You had really great time! Nice event! :)

  15. Looks like such an amazing event, I would really love to experience that too one day :) And those lashes look fabulous! ♥

  16. Wow I wish someday I could get the opportunity to join this sort of event.

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  19. Looks like a lot of fun. Really like the silver necklace on the right side ;)

    xoxo Gozika

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  22. I am so ENVIOUS of you!! That sounds like an amazing experience and how did you get the opportunity to be apart of that?

    I hope you met amazing people and thanks so much for sharing! I look forward to reading more of your post :)