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Sunday, 27 October 2013



OMG. OMG. OMG. YOU ALL NEED this lipgloss in your life.. I can't live without it! Introducing... Abagail Lipgloss..

Recently, I was sent some beautiful gifts from PROTOCOL. PROTOCOL is a British brand. Luxury products with ONLY the best quality ingredients which are affordable for YOU! They have become one of the “the fastest growing beauty companies worldwide, whilst still maintaining its own very high standards of product efficacy and affordability”.

Favourite colour lipgloss? CHECK. Hint of glitter? CHECK. Mirror? What? Yes, this beauty includes a mirror AND a light - So you can apply this beauty when you are on a night out! BUY YOURS NOW...

On Film set wearing it! ;)  

In Starbucks, applying it after a caramel creme frap!
Wearing it before I leave my house!

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  1. We wish they had this brand in the US! May have to see if we can find somewhere online to purchase! Sounds amazing!

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  5. I love berry coloured lipglosses!
    Cute blog

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