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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Summer Inspired "FOR YOU"

Sun is finally out! Hair gets lighter, skin gets darker, nights gets warmer and days seem to go on forever! Don't you LOVE SUMMER? Take a quick look at some summer outfits I'm loving! What do you think??
Spring has Sprung

Oasis thong sandals

Accessorize teardrop earrings
£2.61 -

Forever New vintage scarve
£15 -

I LOVE LOVE this coloured top and especially as my natural skin tone is tanned, it goes well! The vintage scarf works well and I adore these sandals as they practically go with any outfit! These lilac earrings are ADORABLE. Oh, and I am sucker for simple fitted jeans :)
# the 9 lives... ♥

Wal G floral dress
£42 -

A P C a p c
£78 -

Ribbed tank top
£9.76 -

Flat shoes
£26 -

LOVE RED cardigans. Just love them! This dress is pretty and just reminds me of summer. I am planning on buy a few this summer.. I mean A LOT! Floral dresses are perfect, as you can dress them up OR down. Depends on the shoes, and the whole image you want to portray.
Yellow summertime

Blue dress

Steve madden
£58 -

YELLOW this summer will be a popular in terms of outfitwise! I have seen A LOT of beautiful yellow dresses, skirts and shirts! I need more yellow in my wardrobe! Such a happy positive colour! :)
Coach Swingpack

Rag & Bone distressed shorts
£105 -

Ankle tie shoes
£33 -

Cultured pearl jewelry

Cheap Monday straw hat
£13 -

Victoria Beckham butterfly sunglasses
£375 -

I LOVE THIS OUTFIT. So simple, but cute! I want this bag so much! Aha!
Pool Party 11

Jessica Simpson flat shoes
£52 -

Kendra scott
£39 -

Cathy Waterman gold ring
£735 -

Gara danielle
£125 -

Retrosun vintage aviator sunglasses
£165 -

This outfit, plus the bikini is so me, this is why I love it so much! The sandals are very cute, as well as the dress. Very chic!
Like a Mermaid

Norma kamali
£230 -

Mulberry flat sandals
£215 -

Kate spade handbag
£155 -

Coach eyewear

AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, these mulberry sandals are cute, and I want them! Shame about the price tag eh!! I ADORE, repeat ADORE Kate Spade and this green bag is a winner! I LOVE THE Norma kamali! Very expensive taste of mine is coming out, but oh well, they're nice to look at and imagine wearing I guess! :P
double serge

H m top

Forever 21 flat heels
£5.86 -

FOSSIL stainless steel watch

Roberto Coin 18 karat gold necklace
£285 -

Forever 21 embellished belt
£3.78 -

Ray ban eyewear
£98 -

Revlon lip stick
£3.87 -

This is something I would wear and I wanted to share it with you! I love blazers, and starting to wear them more often now! Trying to change it up, with patterns and colours. This is a safe option, but it goes so well. I LOVE watches! I know, people these days use them as an accessory, but they are gorgeous right?! Sunglasses and shorts! Wooo. I smell summer.. Oh it's just the BBQ! Catch you all very very soon. love you all! xoxoxoxo


  1. Lovely combinations, love the first and the last ones ;)

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  15. OOOH the yellow bikini is to die for!! Great post!

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