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Thursday, 30 January 2014

1st Blogger Event January 2014

Hi Dolls,
I hope you are enjoying all my recent posts! I will upload new posts now and then, so I hope you are loving them all! 
I was invited along to Blogger Beauty Bar event in central London, at Penthouse In Leicester square!I have been there a couple of times with my friends and what I love most about it is the night view of the London Eye. Each brand had their own space around the room. I loved how passionate and engaging most were. It was a pleasure talking to a few and exchanging contacts along the way. I learnt a lot from each different brand. One of the lovely ladies from La Cure used the gorgeous Papaya Body Butter on me and gave me a sample which I have used up because it's so hydrating to the skin and works wonder in the weather conditions we are currently experiencing in London!


                        ARK Skincare: 
                        Argentum Apothecary: 
                        Eve Taylor: 
                        Herra Haircare: 
                        La Cure UK: 
                        My Treat Card: 
                       The Make Up Bullet: 
                       Yumi Lashes:

I adore this! I use it everyday!
 The Make Up Bullet is a hollow bullet shaped foam applicator which you can put on the end of your finger for precise make up application. There is a pointed end to helps with tricky areas such as under the eye and it has a soft textured surface which I imagine will leave a really smooth finish.

These samples had pretty colours such a floral pink, dark red, beige and lighter colours which are right up my street.

                                                        Some of the goodies included were:

 I adore LA CURE and the papaya sample I was given at the beauty bar. I am pretty obsessed with creams/lotions/moisturizers you name it, so this was perfect for me! It's £21.50, 250g
"A secret of professional spas and salons, this beauty booster contains nourishing Dead Sea Salt, Papaya Essence, Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter to leave skin soft, silky and irresistibly touchable with the delicious scent of Papaya."

Purchase online at or for more information call 01202 871188.

I loved some of the products that this brand had to offer!  I was given plenty of sales and use their moisturier daily! When one of the representatives went through all the products I especially loved their rang of candles which can be used to moisturise your skin - Genius!

I truly loved HERRA PERFUME, hair perfume. I have received so many compliments about the smell it left on my hair and now all my best friends want it! It was one of the products that I wasn’t so sure completely  until I spoke to one of the representatives James who went through with it with me!Makes your hair smell lovely with floral scents. Included ingredients such as: Sunflower extract which not only protects structure of the hair but it helps provide protection against UV and Glycerin which helps provide ample hydration and seals in moisture, without weighing down the hair. 

                                                     HAVE YOU tried any of their products?


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