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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Outfits I am lovin'! February 2014

How are you all? I can't believe how fast this month is going! Trends are heating up this month, so many outfits I love. I am keeping my eye out for them as London Fashion Week is approaching and I still have not decided on any to wear to the shows yet! Eeek! Anyways, I have some outfits which I am considering to wear and hopefully I will love them in person even more! Who else is going to the London Fashion Week?

I have seen this skirt literally everywhere all over twitter! I love how you can tuck in tops and practically can wear this up or down! I love this outfit and may choose it as my first London Fashion Week outfit, with a statement necklace and nice heels! I love the skirt in the second outfit! Midi skirts are STILL in AND they now come in all prints, which I am lovin'! This outsized satin cardi is so cute! I love the white see through top, I may go back to the layer trend again as I have fallen in love with this outfit!

I love printed and satin dresses! This pink shade is my favourite! Printed outfits are so in right now! How gorgeous are the last two outfits?!

 I love this dress, but I would love it more if it was in a purple or navy. The second outfit looks so attractive and I would love to experiment with high waist jeans and this top! This will definately enhance my curves and show off my figure! This dress is so feminine and the detail is pretty! I love a simple look and this is 10/10!

 OMG. This bodycon outfit is insanely beautiful, it's from missguided and definately on my wishlist! I love the second dress purely for the bottom cut off shape. The top goes well with the hat and I love the laidback chic look! The last outfit is adorable, I love these shorts and have never seen them around before. Do you like

 I have just recently purchased this denim top as it goes well with practically anything! The skirt in the next outfit is so in right now, it's the trend I am lovin'! I think the third outfit is different, stands out and I love how it shapes your body well! The last outfit is gorgeous, add it up with a statement necklace and a clutch bag!
 This skirt is beautiful, it is on my wishlist as it reminds me of summer. I love the detail and as you are all aware I am in love with midi skirts! I have never worn sparkly shorts before and I am thinking of purchase this yellow sequin one! It looks like a gem and would stand out! I love this limited edition baby pink leather skirt from River Island, it is so me! Lastly the midi skirt again looks beautiful, I am really after prints this month as you can tell!

How gorgeous is this dress?! I have seen it everywhere and really want to try it myself. I love the skirt, it is on my wishlist as I have a white tank top to go with it. It will work well with my black statement necklace and boot heels. The midi skirt stands out a lot, so this would go well with a plain top! Lastly, this midi dress is magnificent! This will definitely show off my curves and it's enough to go well without any jewellery as the print show off a lot already.

Which should I purchase for London Fashion Week? DO you own/own a similar outfit to any of the ones above?

Love always xtine.     xoxo


  1. love the post, and the printed skirts

    beijinhos querida,
    Chic Diary

  2. where is the bottom left dress from? x

  3. AMAZING pieces! Made us want to go shopping!!!!

  4. simply awesome!!!! keep in touch...plz join my blog

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  6. I have that ASOS midi skirt, and you are so right! It looks best with a plain top and boots! :)