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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Beauty Secrets.. shhhh!

Hi Dolls,

I was interviewed by the lovely Rosemary who got in touch to ask a few beauty questions..
I am now on their website.. so check it out:

Christine – "Xtine Loves"

"Christine Wenham is a 21 years old from London. Currently a Uni student. She has appeared on TV shows/documentaries/live tv, over 14 music videos and a couple of films as a supporting artist. She is also a beauty/ fashion blogger, freelance stylist and promotional model!
Christine started blogging last year and never expected anyone to enjoy anything she’d written or ask for more posts – so feels blessed! She has already written an article for a magazine and took part writing for a few magazines. She chose to write about the things she loves and always gives honest reviews. Christine loves attending blogger events as she loves connecting with other bloggers and sharing tips!”

1.What are the top three beauty products you can’t live without and why?
1- No7 stay perfect foundation!
The perfect foundation I’ve ever used, you can barely tell I’m wearing it as it leaves a flawless look! It evens out all areas without masking natural radiance. Lasts all day and includes SPF 15

Corrector – PEACH
The coverage lasts all day which is a must as it covers the dark circles!
It’s creamy and thick so it defiantly masks imperfections like no other! It makes me feel good once I have it on and includes a small mirror inside as well as being portable size!

121 Lip paint lipstick
This statement lipstick is a must! I’m in love with the colour as it stands out nicely and feels luxurious on my lips! I have recommends this to everyone, the lipstick comes on your lips very well and stays on all day. I love Barry M lipsticks!

2.What is your number one beauty tip?
Always cleanse well before you sleep! This will help your skin looking fresh and healthy for the next day! I exfoliate 3times a week using St Ives Apricot scrub and use Clinque liquid facial soap mild daily. Then I use COCO buffer Palmers before I sleep so I wake up with soft skin.

3.Who is your beauty or fashion inspiration and why?
I read many beauty blogs a week, so if I come across anything useful I take on their advice! There are so many tops tips on the Internet, but you need to find out works best for you and your skin! Fashion inspiration – anyone who can pull off the effortless look for example alexa Chung! I LOVE her style.

4.What is your favourite beauty treatment and how did you discover it?
I was invited to New Look bloggers event after the LFW show and had my eyelashes done by IBrows! They lasted over 2 weeks and my eyes just lit up! The eyelashes looks real and everyone commented how pretty they looked and gave off the “wow factor”. Definately recommend the treatment to all beauty lovers!

5.What do you consider to be the most exciting new beauty or fashion innovation?
I was sent Abigail lipgloss, by Protocol which I religiously wear everyday! I love the shimmer pink colour gloss as it pumps my lips. It comes with a LED light and a mirror. You csn apply it when you’re on a night out! Compact and so useful. I’ve been told its a clever invention even by my male friends too!
Everyone please go and check out Christine’s stunning blog Xtine Loves for a fresh outlook on both fashion and beauty.

Well that was my short interview, I hope you like it! Take a look at the stuff I use on a daily basis.
What do you use daily and why?

Love lots and lots  xtine


  1. Love all of these. I definitely like to keep my face fresh. That's my no. 1 tip. Always keep soaping and moisturising =)

  2. I use Rimmel Eye Liner Daily because I love the framed look it gives! Also Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil!
    La Mode D'Emm

  3. Cool interview!

    For daily cleanse, I use Bioderma Sensibio H2O & Dr. Jart PORE MEDIC Bubble Foam, these are the ones that helps me cure my acne, so I cannot live without them.

    For make ups, I use Shu Uemura Hard Formula Brow Pencil to fill my bold brows, and Bobbi Brown Face Touch Up Stick to cover the acne scars, these two products wakes my pale face up.

    Cherie S.

  4. Lovely blog post and blog aswell! would love for you to take a look at mine, its based on fashion and lifestyle! It would mean soo much! :)

  5. Lovely post! I love Bobbi Brown corrector too. I use Clinique Eyebrown pencil to fill in my brows everyday for added emphasis on my eyes.
    Kate @ Stilettoed to Steeltoed

  6. I use products called Priori which are what dermatologists use, they seem to suit me at the moment. I sell cosmetics and body products in my online store which I use myself. You should check it out

  7. Love the post. I'm gonna try some of the products. Thanks for the some of the tip =) Hope you could check out my blog. I'm giving my readers 20% off their purchase from Otaki Clothing.


  8. Cool interview! Thanks for sharing, will have to try some of these.

    I have tricky skin (oily) so I'm always trying gout products. Right now I am using apricot exfoliating scrub as well! A toner is a must, I use witch hazel. And ambi moisturizer, which i think I may have to change, but not sure yet.

  9. nice post,very interesting